Flying Musk Ox????

What a day! Well, it wasn’t that bad for me, but man was it bad for my boss. A water pipe broke at work to day and there were guys in the store all day trying to suck up all the water. It was very very loud and messy. By the way I work at a scrapbook store, though I am also an art studio technicion at our local art centre. This was at the scrapbook store, so the pipe broke today and this comes on top of a massive hard drive crash from earlier in the week. What a crazy headache. Makes me happy that I only work there once in a while…hee hee.  So today i saw the house I might might MIGHT be living in in a few months…MIGHT! My dad is building it and it is so cute and tiny, it would be perfect for me! Anyways, we’ll see. Here’s my drawing for today, can you tell I was bored? Don’t ask about the wings…



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