Happy April Fools Day!

Happy day everyone! I hope you had a great day without any mishaps. I almost was going to tell my boss I was quitting as a April fools joke, but my co-worker Ruth and I decided that would be too mean because we’ve had some major changes recently at work. I told my boss and she said she would have probably cried. Good thing we didn’t, but we did have a laugh. Anyhoo…

Here is a scrappy page I made a few days ago. It is the first of five, one for each family member. These will be framed up and hung in our family room, the colors correspond with the cushions I embroidered last summer (and have yet to finish…) 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. B
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 09:24:35

    Good job Niki. I love the page. I can’t wait until you have them all finished. I’m sorry I didn’t call you back on Monday. I got all caught up in planning a youth event for tonight. I’m responsible for keeping 20 kids entertained for an hour tonight. Stupid thing is… I completely changed my idea last night and had to start all over again. Marc and I were working on it until 11pm. So I’ll be at youth tonight but tomorrow night I’ll give you a call. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. You’re a doll!

    PS- 89 days until I leave for England!


  2. toch
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 12:06:10

    Good job, Niki, I do check out your site, lots of love


  3. B
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 19:09:12

    Hurry up and post something new! You know what I mean.


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