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Last time, I said I would post the samples I made in the encaustic (painting with colored wax) class I  took. So here are a few:


This is the first one I made. The red color is from oil sticks.  The image is a photocopy transfer and the circles were scratched into the wax and rubbed with brown oil paint. I framed this one and it looks very nice on the wall.

Here’s a close up.

On this one, I drew with black oil pastel on the board, then put a doily on top and layer white wax on top and peeled off the doily. This left a texture that you can kinda see in the close up. I painted purple wax over it and then carved into it. I layered in some silver string and  covered it all in clear beeswax and the splattered it.

A close up. You can kinda see the texture in the bottem left corner.


The first layer is torn newspaper. Clear wax, a photocopy transfer and green oil stick make up the next few layers. I also scribed into the suface and filled it in with color. The gold is rub on transfers for scrapbooking.

A close up of the parrot.

Octopus!!! I layered clear, white and purple waxes. then used a meat tenderizer for the texter and carved into the surface with a lino cutting tool.

I really enjoyed this class and can’t wait to try encaustics again.

Here are some pictures I took around my yard:


oh and before I forget, my garage sale find of the week (2 weeks ago?)…

Those are large freezer bags full of glitter! $5 for the lot. What a deal!!! I have already begun my mission to glitterfy the world!!!!

See you next time!


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  1. B
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 14:58:15

    I need to garage sale-ing with you. I didn’t find anything last weekend, GRRRR! I have decided to give up photography now that I’ve seen your latest shots. They are beautiful and I can not compare. I’m sorry I didn’t get your message until Monday. The house is too big and I leave my cell phone just lying around and then I can’t find it. I was busy anyway. I was making Marc celebrate my birthday all weekend. I should get back to work. I won’t be home much tonight but I’ll be home all weekend unpacking boxes so feel free to give me a call if you have time.

    PS- Your art is amazing!!!


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