Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple

Today is a Purple day, but I painted this purple plate yesterday on a Red day. Oh gasp! 🙂 I still need to set the colors in the oven and then it will be dishwasher safe. Cool!


I colored this in Photoshop today (for yesterday’s Red day) and I made it look like a book cover. I also printed some (sans text) as greeting cards. They are on their way home in the morning after an awesome monster party.

Feb. 19: Gel and Souffle pens on brown paper, using scrapbooking sticky flowers as a stencil.

Feb. 18: I started adding some yellow bits to the green page from the day before. Never finished it though.


Leafy Greens

I did this last night, after I realized I it was a green day, not a purple day. Opps!

I love the look of brown paper drawings. I think I will do some more.


UPDATE: CRAP!!! I just realized that today was a green day, not a purple day!! Ha ha!

I keep making these mandala like snowflakes. They are fun and I can draw them while focusing on other things.




Purple Sketch

I spent the evening cleaning my art room, I guess it’s my studio but it’s really just an extra bedroom…anyhoo, it’s a disaster. There was only a little trail from the door to my chair. Pretty bad. So I started cleaning it up. I spent over an hour tidying up my beads alone. I go a little over board, but I love it when everything is in it’s place…which is not often. So it is looking good, but it will take a couple of days, maybe I will even unearth my jewellery bench! What this means is that I did not make anything for my purple day. So I did a quick sketch sitting right here at the computer. It is purple…

Today is a red day!

It’s Valentine’s day and it’s a red day! Cool!

Back on track

Opps, I kinda stopped making my Colors a day project for a week or so while I was getting the RED show together at work. I will post some pics of that later, it’s pretty cool. I will also dig up some of the Color pieces I made but have not posted. So I am back on track again, and it’s an orange day.

I drew this wind up snail portrait while watching the Grammies tonight.

Glass bead making and other fun stuff

The Glass bead making class was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to make more. This first picture is of the beads that I made the first day.

I made the red beads for January 15.

I have not picked up the day 2 beads, but they are pretty cute. I made a purple octopus for January 16 (my B-day!) unfortunately, I dropped it and he is now a quadrapus. 😦 I’ll post it when I get them back.

January 17:

Watercolor on Yupo paper. I had fun with this!

January 18:

Mustachioed, monocled Mr. Caterpillar

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