Owl cookies part 2

It seems like people are liking the cookies that I posted yesterday, so am going to show you how I made them.

Since I did not have an owl cutter, I used a the foot portion of a stocking shaped cutter to make the shape I needed. I cut one, then flipped the cookie dough cutout and cut it again.



Reading Sweet Sugar Belle’s blog really inspired me to not only make cookies as Christmas gifts, but to be creative with my cookie cutters. Take a look at her blog for some amazing cookies and inspiration.

After cutting the owls out, I used a small heart cutter to mark the face area, making sure not to cut through the dough.


After baking and cooling. I used ivory royal icing to fill in the face area. I dropped in royal icing eyes that I had previously made.


I didn’t take photos of the next steps, so I will just explain.

I then used brown icing to make the wings. When the face and wings were dry, I filled in the body with a lighter brown. While it was still wet, I used the darker brown to make three lines across the chest. Then using a toothpick I dragged lines through the icing starting from below the three brown lines.
To finish I used orange icing to make the beak and toes.

And there you have owls!

I also made some mushrooms and acorns to include in the gift boxes.



I’ve been busy!

It’s been a very long time and I’ve made many, many things, so I’ll post them here for you to see!

Here are some adorable owl cookies I made for Christmas gifts a couple of months ago.




Flights of Fancy

I have been hard at work the last three months working on my latest show, Flights of Fancy. I think it turned out pretty good. It is  a collection of my watercolor storybook illustration style work, lots of pieces that I have posted here and a few new ones. I also made glittery clouds that hang in the window, and added branches dripping with stars and sparkles. In the centre of the room, there is a plinth that has cute little moss-scapes. There’s so much glitter everywhere! The opening reception was really nice and well attended even with the rain. We had a lovely spread of food, with home-made mini cupcakes and banana bread, candy, lemon squares and cream puffs along with the usual crackers and cheese and stuff. Yum! Yum! Everyone seemed to like it. It was really awesome to see kids eyes light up when they see it. That makes me really happy!

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oh and some mushrooms. The largest red on is the size of my hand! The single on is slightly larger than my thumb tip.


It’s spring!!!

I pulled out my bike today. Cleaned it up and took my first bike ride of the year. There is no green yet, but it is definitely spring. Look at this gorgeous burst of color against the dead grass stalks.

I think it is a Green Comma Butterfly. It was very obliging while I took pictures.

Oh and there were Canada Geese everywhere. I also saw a coot, some ducks and a lady bug.

Everything looks so dull and dead, but there is much life in there. I can’t wait until the grass starts growing.

IF: Toy

This is a cute little bush baby girl playing with her toys. Watercolor and pencil crayon.

I painted this today for a friend who twists balloons.

Back on track

Opps, I kinda stopped making my Colors a day project for a week or so while I was getting the RED show together at work. I will post some pics of that later, it’s pretty cool. I will also dig up some of the Color pieces I made but have not posted. So I am back on track again, and it’s an orange day.

I drew this wind up snail portrait while watching the Grammies tonight.

Glass bead making and other fun stuff

The Glass bead making class was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to make more. This first picture is of the beads that I made the first day.

I made the red beads for January 15.

I have not picked up the day 2 beads, but they are pretty cute. I made a purple octopus for January 16 (my B-day!) unfortunately, I dropped it and he is now a quadrapus. 😦 I’ll post it when I get them back.

January 17:

Watercolor on Yupo paper. I had fun with this!

January 18:

Mustachioed, monocled Mr. Caterpillar

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