Flights of Fancy

I have been hard at work the last three months working on my latest show, Flights of Fancy. I think it turned out pretty good. It is  a collection of my watercolor storybook illustration style work, lots of pieces that I have posted here and a few new ones. I also made glittery clouds that hang in the window, and added branches dripping with stars and sparkles. In the centre of the room, there is a plinth that has cute little moss-scapes. There’s so much glitter everywhere! The opening reception was really nice and well attended even with the rain. We had a lovely spread of food, with home-made mini cupcakes and banana bread, candy, lemon squares and cream puffs along with the usual crackers and cheese and stuff. Yum! Yum! Everyone seemed to like it. It was really awesome to see kids eyes light up when they see it. That makes me really happy!

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oh and some mushrooms. The largest red on is the size of my hand! The single on is slightly larger than my thumb tip.



As promised this post is about teacups. Mermaids tomorrow.

Teacups! It’s all about teacups this last month at the Centre for Creative Arts. I put together a teacup themed show and it turned out really cool. The poster features one of my pieces, called “Inky Tea.”

This is an installation of mine. It is called “Oh, Those Pesky Teacups.” It turned out better than I thought and is sprinkled with glitter for that ‘magical’ look. The piece behind it is a glass mosaic by my friend, Lori.

Newspaper LInk:


Two of my friends, Stephanie and Miriam, and I currently have an art installation at the Centre for Creative Centre. It’s called Trashed and is made entirely out of recyclables. Here’s the poster I made:

and some pictures Steph took.