It’s spring!!!

I pulled out my bike today. Cleaned it up and took my first bike ride of the year. There is no green yet, but it is definitely spring. Look at this gorgeous burst of color against the dead grass stalks.

I think it is a Green Comma Butterfly. It was very obliging while I took pictures.

Oh and there were Canada Geese everywhere. I also saw a coot, some ducks and a lady bug.

Everything looks so dull and dead, but there is much life in there. I can’t wait until the grass starts growing.


So nice to be home

I’m home! It really takes time away from home to appreciate your own bed! So Calgary was fun, I visited my sister and some friends, shopped, attended a wearable arts show and went to the zoo. Here are some photos from the zoo. I definitely will have to take my nice camera next time instead of the little dinky digital one that fits in my pocket. Have you ever seen a giant anteater before? WOW! they are amazing, but my photo sucks. So here are some of the better ones.


This little meercat is so cute. He sat there watching the people as they stopped to look at him.


These birds were the most gorgeous blue. I tried to take pictures when they were flying to capture the color but they were to fast for me.


Sleepy lemur in a tree.




A lovable chubby toad


This bird kept giving me strange looks.


The sweetest little burrowing owl posing for a picture.


This one got fed up with me taking his picture and eventually flew up to where I couldn’t see him. I can’t blame the little guy.


There were amazing blooms in the conservatory, like this one. No butterflies yet though.

Scrappy Crappy Day

I had a crappy day today, but I did do 3 pages for my Flora and Fauna scrapbook. Here’s  a page on grackles: