Wearable Art Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the cup dress I am making for the Wearable Arts Show in two weeks.

The dress is made of plastic drink cups cut in two and stitched on to a under skirt with a hula hoop in the hem. It will be worn over black leggings. The top part is going to be worn on top of a black long-sleeved shirt and is made of felt with cotton ruffles. It has a vintage circus vibe, so I went with that and added the chain and buttons.

I made this little top hat on Sunday to go with the dress.  The hat is made of cardstock, cardboard, felt and satin.

This detail shows the trimmings. I dyed the ribbon and feathers orange. I used matching toothpicks and straws (more to the back) to tie it into the cups from the dress. I also want to make some spats to go over the boots and some gloves or  wrist ruffles. I’m not sure which yet.


Garage Sales Rock!!!

On Friday night, I went garage saleing for three hours with Miriam. We went to tons of sales and had a blast. I found an Ikea chair that I was thinking of buying and I got it for $10. I should have asked if they would take $8, but I was too excited. It was in pretty good shape. I made my own slipcover and I might sand and re-varnish the arms if I am ever not lazy.


 Old yucky slip covered chair with sticky arm rests.


Funky slipcovered chair without stickyiness. It is now in my bedroom and matches my purple bedding. I also added an extra layer of foam to make it squishier.

A few weeks ago I was making pincushions from apattern I saw on a website, I can’t remember which though…


I also made a blue one and a cute tree one. The bottem part is made from a bottle cap, so it is very tiny.