Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple

Today is a Purple day, but I painted this purple plate yesterday on a Red day. Oh gasp! 🙂 I still need to set the colors in the oven and then it will be dishwasher safe. Cool!


I colored this in Photoshop today (for yesterday’s Red day) and I made it look like a book cover. I also printed some (sans text) as greeting cards. They are on their way home in the morning after an awesome monster party.

Feb. 19: Gel and Souffle pens on brown paper, using scrapbooking sticky flowers as a stencil.

Feb. 18: I started adding some yellow bits to the green page from the day before. Never finished it though.


Orange Flowers

Playing on Illustrator and Photoshop.

Art Board Show and Auction


So I am at work and wasting time as usual. Here is the poster I made for our Art Board Show. This is the second year and it is a really cool show. We have asked 40 local artists to decorate a skateboard deck and we will be putting them up for silent auction to raise money for our Healing Arts Program. The auction will be up for a month and will be in the gallery and on-line at I can’t wait to see everyone’s boards. I will post mine as soon as I finish it. 



Post now, write later…

A Surprise for Ms. Bobbi


This is for Bobbi, since she’s so cute and asked for me to post a picture.