The Forest Queen

This past September, I helped put on a Wearable Arts Show at my work during Alberta Culture Days. I also created a wearable art piece to showcase in it. This is that piece. It is called The Forest Queen.

My beautiful friend Tia did a wonderful job of modeling it for me both for a photo shoot out in the woods and on the runway. Sean of Prairie Ranger Photography did an amazing job on the pictures. Thanks again to both of them!!!

The piece its self is made of bark and moss on a paper mache base, with fabric, tulle, handmade paper clay mushrooms and various rocks, twigs and pinecones. The crown is wire,  floral tape and  glitter.




We glued on leafy eyebrows and used bright berries to add a pop of color.





Below  is a watercolor I did a few months ago.While I was painting it, I thought it would be interesting to take in-progress shots for fun. So I will put the photos from start to finish (without the first pencil sketch.)

Inked drawing on watercolor paper

First couple of washes. Light background, darker tones, green on seaweed.

More color. Seaweed.

I added details on the figure and darkened areas.

I felt that the extra seaweed was too much so I added more ultramarine to cover them and add more depth to the water.

For this finished piece, I added details like the fish shadows in the distance and used white gouche to pick out details on her scales and fins.

IF: Repair

Here is my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday theme: Repair.

This young elf girl is being so kind as to repair her little sisters stuffed animal, even while she’s bugging her.

IF: Sugary

Whew!! I’ve been so busy, working on my art installation (more on that in my next post) and working. I did have time to do this drawing in my sketchbook for Illustration Friday. I have been wanting to post on their site for ages, so here is my first IF post for the word “sugary”. I think I might watercolor this when I get a chance.

On the road again…


I’ve missed a few days, but here I am. I am going to Calgary tomorrow. On the greyhound…ICK that means a 10 hour ride. Not fun!!! Anyways that also means no post probably until I get back. I am very excited to go. I can’t wait to see my friends and I will be going to ArtaWEARness, a fashion show/performance arts evening at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It is always a blast. I was in it a few years ago. I am also excited to go to the zoo and to Ikea. Yippee! So here are two sketches I did last night. I quite like the little creature looking at the elf.



Good Book Alert


I stayed up way to late last night. I started reading Tithe by Holly Black at 12 am. Well, I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it at 6 am, then I went to sleep. I’m so bad. The book is really well written and has a unique perspective.  Black is the co-author of the Spiderwick Chronicles, this was her first book. I recommend it if you like modern faerie tales.


So today I painted my Midge drawing. I used watercolors.



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