Wearable Art Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the cup dress I am making for the Wearable Arts Show in two weeks.

The dress is made of plastic drink cups cut in two and stitched on to a under skirt with a hula hoop in the hem. It will be worn over black leggings. The top part is going to be worn on top of a black long-sleeved shirt and is made of felt with cotton ruffles. It has a vintage circus vibe, so I went with that and added the chain and buttons.

I made this little top hat on Sunday to go with the dress.  The hat is made of cardstock, cardboard, felt and satin.

This detail shows the trimmings. I dyed the ribbon and feathers orange. I used matching toothpicks and straws (more to the back) to tie it into the cups from the dress. I also want to make some spats to go over the boots and some gloves or  wrist ruffles. I’m not sure which yet.



Hi!!  Wow it’s been forever since I posted last. I sure have been busy. Here is the poster and some pics from my first solo show:




birdsong1      anemones2









Other pieces included in the show are pictured elsewhere in this blog , so  I am not posting them here. These include two encaustic pieces, some acrylic fruit painting and some other watercolors.


And here are some monsters I made before christmas. The first one is Cecilia, I made her as a sample for a class I am teaching. The bride and groom were for friends who got married, and the red one was a gift for a different friend.  Super cute and fun to make!




Peep! Cheeep!

Is it weird that I think these are the cutest things ever? You should see them driving around in my brothers Lego vehicles.


Anyways, here is a little design I embroidered freehand just to try out some stitches. I think I may make it into something, maybe a bag or a book cover. Any ideas?