IF: Journey

Checking the theme for Illustration Friday today, I saw that it was the word “journey”. ┬áThen I turned around and saw that this painting I finished a couple of days ago fits perfectly! Yea! It’s going to be a part of an upcoming show of my illustrative watercolors and some installation pieces.

I am not going to say anything about it because I would like you to tell me the story that you see.

click on the pic to make it a bit bigger.


IF: Toy

This is a cute little bush baby girl playing with her toys. Watercolor and pencil crayon.

I painted this today for a friend who twists balloons.

IF: Spooky

My “spooky” illustration for Illustration Friday. Better late than never…right?

IF: Beneath

Nothing is better than tea with Grandpa beneath the shady trees.

IF: Old-Fashioned

I have posted this painting before, but it fits this weeks Illustration Friday theme so well that I had to re-post it. So once again: Mr. Barkley!

Watercolor and pencil crayon.