Deep Sea Mermaid Colour Study

Yesterday I dug up an older drawing that I had been wanting to expand on. It’s a study of several deep-sea merpeople.¬†I knew they would have¬†glowing bioluminescent spots, but I couldn’t decide if they should be pale or dark, so here is a colour test of the pale version. I’m going to do a dark version as well, then perhaps a larger picture.



I also did this sketch of Tia last night while in bed. It’s from a picture I took of her as Mz. Honey.



IF: Spooky

My “spooky” illustration for Illustration Friday. Better late than never…right?


Hee hee

Just a little drawing I made at 2am…

Office Bunnies

um…have I been watching The Office too much…


Sketching animals from photos I took at the zoo this summer:

And pretty flowers from the garden:

IF: Repair

Here is my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday theme: Repair.

This young elf girl is being so kind as to repair her little sisters stuffed animal, even while she’s bugging her.

IF: Sugary

Whew!! I’ve been so busy, working on my art installation (more on that in my next post) and working. I did have time to do this drawing in my sketchbook for Illustration Friday. I have been wanting to post on their site for ages, so here is my first IF post for the word “sugary”. I think I might watercolor this when I get a chance.

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