It’s spring!!!

I pulled out my bike today. Cleaned it up and took my first bike ride of the year. There is no green yet, but it is definitely spring. Look at this gorgeous burst of color against the dead grass stalks.

I think it is a Green Comma Butterfly. It was very obliging while I took pictures.

Oh and there were Canada Geese everywhere. I also saw a coot, some ducks and a lady bug.

Everything looks so dull and dead, but there is much life in there. I can’t wait until the grass starts growing.


Photos from the Lake

I went for a bike ride this evening because it was so nice outside. The light was so pretty coming through the leaves. As I was riding slowly on the path I heard a rustle in the bushes and found this cute little chipmunk feeding on grass seeds. He let me get really close and take pictures for maybe 10 minutes. Super cute!! I also took some seagull pics when I got to the lake. By then the sun was going down and my hands were freezing.


I took this pic at the Calgary Zoo. So Pretty!

All sorts of stuff…


Last time, I said I would post the samples I made in the encaustic (painting with colored wax) class I  took. So here are a few:


This is the first one I made. The red color is from oil sticks.  The image is a photocopy transfer and the circles were scratched into the wax and rubbed with brown oil paint. I framed this one and it looks very nice on the wall.

Here’s a close up.

On this one, I drew with black oil pastel on the board, then put a doily on top and layer white wax on top and peeled off the doily. This left a texture that you can kinda see in the close up. I painted purple wax over it and then carved into it. I layered in some silver string and  covered it all in clear beeswax and the splattered it.

A close up. You can kinda see the texture in the bottem left corner.


The first layer is torn newspaper. Clear wax, a photocopy transfer and green oil stick make up the next few layers. I also scribed into the suface and filled it in with color. The gold is rub on transfers for scrapbooking.

A close up of the parrot.

Octopus!!! I layered clear, white and purple waxes. then used a meat tenderizer for the texter and carved into the surface with a lino cutting tool.

I really enjoyed this class and can’t wait to try encaustics again.

Here are some pictures I took around my yard:


oh and before I forget, my garage sale find of the week (2 weeks ago?)…

Those are large freezer bags full of glitter! $5 for the lot. What a deal!!! I have already begun my mission to glitterfy the world!!!!

See you next time!

Why Hello my Dears!!!

Hi, so It’s been a super long time since I last wrote. Lots of stuff happened, crappy stuff and fun stuff. I got a freakin’ cool new camera, a Pentax K200. I love it! And I got my hair cut all pretty.

Some other fun stuff that happened: 1) Art Board Show and Auction (and BBQ). My board is posted below, it sold for $100. 2) Canada Day booth for work 3) Megan’s show at the Centre. I am very proud of her. 4) Street Performers booth for work. Paper bag puppets below 5) Super cool encaustic class I attended. I will definitelypost my sample soon. 6) I made some super cool moving mouth puppets, I will post them as soon as I get some pics. 7) Candace’s B-day surprise. We had a little party for my boss. Ice cream cake and balloon animal twisting! Too much fun!

As for the crappy stuff, no one wants to know. 🙂 Now on to the pictures!

This is a bug that was on my deck. It’s coloring is just amazing!

Here’s a close up of the same picture.

Here’s a little sparrow in my backyard. His mouth is full of tasty bugs for his babies.

 Looking down over the railing of the dock, we found this American Coot sitting on her nest. I kept calling her Harriet, but My brother said her name was Veil (from some game he plays) so we named her Harriet Veil.

These are her 7 eggs. When we went back a few days later, they had already hatched and the family had moved on.

Bird on a cattail.

The skateboard I made for the Art Board Show and Auction. It is collaged with magazine paper and then painted. I also cut the sides off and attached them to the back. They are the black parts.

This is what I do at work! We don’t have time much fun all the time, but we do pretty often. Mine is the middle one and my boss and co-worker made the other two. They were samples for our booth at the Street Performers Festival. I drew 2 sheets of features and accessories to choose from. The kids had a blast making them, but not as much as the volunteers!

This is the birthday cake I made for my Dad in June. I used the cake pans I got from that garage sale. It was my first tiered cake, it was a bit lopsided, but I think it turned out pretty good. It sure tasted yummy!

A seagull at the lake. It has some sort of fish or leech in it’s beak.

A pic of me!

Another picture of me showing off my new hair and new camera!

Well, that’s enough for now. I promise to update more frequently. See you soon!

So nice to be home

I’m home! It really takes time away from home to appreciate your own bed! So Calgary was fun, I visited my sister and some friends, shopped, attended a wearable arts show and went to the zoo. Here are some photos from the zoo. I definitely will have to take my nice camera next time instead of the little dinky digital one that fits in my pocket. Have you ever seen a giant anteater before? WOW! they are amazing, but my photo sucks. So here are some of the better ones.


This little meercat is so cute. He sat there watching the people as they stopped to look at him.


These birds were the most gorgeous blue. I tried to take pictures when they were flying to capture the color but they were to fast for me.


Sleepy lemur in a tree.




A lovable chubby toad


This bird kept giving me strange looks.


The sweetest little burrowing owl posing for a picture.


This one got fed up with me taking his picture and eventually flew up to where I couldn’t see him. I can’t blame the little guy.


There were amazing blooms in the conservatory, like this one. No butterflies yet though.