Dragon Baby Shower

Today, the gals from work and I threw a baby shower for our dear friend and co-worker, Katie.

This is me (in red) with the glowing mom to be.



The theme was dragons and the colors were red, white and black to coordinate with the nursery. Everyone brought food to share, and it was all so tasty! Yum!


I made the cake and the sugar cookie dragons. The cake was chocolate with a whip cream and Oreo filling.


The dragons were based on a sketch I made. The legs on the babies were inspired by this post on Haniela’s Cookie Blog.


My friend Val made this awesome dragon bread! We didn’t want to eat it, but when we finally tore in, it was delicious!


Since we all work at an art centre, we had to do something crafty. So we tie dyed baby onesies!

These are some of the ones we made today.


This is Candace with her creation. Beautiful!


For the gift, I wanted to make something special, that would fit with the theme and the nursery. It HAD to have a dragon! I made this little flying dragon mobile. The dragon is made from my own pattern, and has jointed legs. When the baby is old enough, the dragon can be detached and used as a toy. The stars are painted, glittered and glow in the dark.




A few more pictures just for fun.




and the smallest guest stole the show!


The Forest Queen

This past September, I helped put on a Wearable Arts Show at my work during Alberta Culture Days. I also created a wearable art piece to showcase in it. This is that piece. It is called The Forest Queen.

My beautiful friend Tia did a wonderful job of modeling it for me both for a photo shoot out in the woods and on the runway. Sean of Prairie Ranger Photography did an amazing job on the pictures. Thanks again to both of them!!!

The piece its self is made of bark and moss on a paper mache base, with fabric, tulle, handmade paper clay mushrooms and various rocks, twigs and pinecones. The crown is wire,  floral tape and  glitter.




We glued on leafy eyebrows and used bright berries to add a pop of color.



Photos from the Lake

I went for a bike ride this evening because it was so nice outside. The light was so pretty coming through the leaves. As I was riding slowly on the path I heard a rustle in the bushes and found this cute little chipmunk feeding on grass seeds. He let me get really close and take pictures for maybe 10 minutes. Super cute!! I also took some seagull pics when I got to the lake. By then the sun was going down and my hands were freezing.


As promised this post is about teacups. Mermaids tomorrow.

Teacups! It’s all about teacups this last month at the Centre for Creative Arts. I put together a teacup themed show and it turned out really cool. The poster features one of my pieces, called “Inky Tea.”

This is an installation of mine. It is called “Oh, Those Pesky Teacups.” It turned out better than I thought and is sprinkled with glitter for that ‘magical’ look. The piece behind it is a glass mosaic by my friend, Lori.

Newspaper LInk:  http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?archive=true&e=2712187


Two of my friends, Stephanie and Miriam, and I currently have an art installation at the Centre for Creative Centre. It’s called Trashed and is made entirely out of recyclables. Here’s the poster I made:

and some pictures Steph took.