Shadowbox collages

A while a go I found some Martha Stewart shawdow boxes at Micheals, they were finally marked down to $1.50 so I bought the last 4 and made some shadow boxes for my room. I used bits and pieces that I had in my studio.  Here they are:


So lazy…first post in 19 days…

Well, my goodness, I’ve been lazy about posting. I’ve been super busy at work, making posters for shows, writing newsletters, putting together an art show/auction and a whole whack of other stuff.  It’s great, I love my job! And I am thinking of putting together a wearable arts show with a green/recycled theme. Oh the possibilities…

Last week I went to my friend, Bobbi’s house and we had some crafty fun! I made this scrapbook page of me as a baby and she worked on some of her photos. And we spent the whole day of Saturday watching shows like Colin and Justin’s Home Heist and What Not to Wear. Hee hee, lots of fun!

So next weekend, my friend from work, Ruth, has me making 60+ elephant cupcakes for her sister’s baby shower. Holy Crap, that’s a lot of elephant cupcakes!!!!! I will post a picture of the whole herd when they are done.

Anyways, enough for now, I’ll try to post more often…

Happy April Fools Day!

Happy day everyone! I hope you had a great day without any mishaps. I almost was going to tell my boss I was quitting as a April fools joke, but my co-worker Ruth and I decided that would be too mean because we’ve had some major changes recently at work. I told my boss and she said she would have probably cried. Good thing we didn’t, but we did have a laugh. Anyhoo…

Here is a scrappy page I made a few days ago. It is the first of five, one for each family member. These will be framed up and hung in our family room, the colors correspond with the cushions I embroidered last summer (and have yet to finish…) 


Friends page

When I was posting the last post, I was downloading free photoshop brushes. There are some very cool brushes out there. I might have to make some for myself. Today was was family day, so I spent most of my day off sleeping and then I scrapbooked. I made this for a scrapbooking contest at work. The pics are from my friends wedding party four years ago.


Scrappy Crappy Day

I had a crappy day today, but I did do 3 pages for my Flora and Fauna scrapbook. Here’s  a page on grackles: