Cutie Patooties

Here are some cute little creatures I have been drawing and painting lately. At first I thought they had deer like antlers, but now I think that they are soft and that they move. These little creatures remind me of axolotls, all soft, squishy and cute.  


Deep Sea Mermaid Colour Study

Yesterday I dug up an older drawing that I had been wanting to expand on. It’s a study of several deep-sea merpeople. I knew they would have glowing bioluminescent spots, but I couldn’t decide if they should be pale or dark, so here is a colour test of the pale version. I’m going to do a dark version as well, then perhaps a larger picture.



I also did this sketch of Tia last night while in bed. It’s from a picture I took of her as Mz. Honey.


Flights of Fancy

I have been hard at work the last three months working on my latest show, Flights of Fancy. I think it turned out pretty good. It is  a collection of my watercolor storybook illustration style work, lots of pieces that I have posted here and a few new ones. I also made glittery clouds that hang in the window, and added branches dripping with stars and sparkles. In the centre of the room, there is a plinth that has cute little moss-scapes. There’s so much glitter everywhere! The opening reception was really nice and well attended even with the rain. We had a lovely spread of food, with home-made mini cupcakes and banana bread, candy, lemon squares and cream puffs along with the usual crackers and cheese and stuff. Yum! Yum! Everyone seemed to like it. It was really awesome to see kids eyes light up when they see it. That makes me really happy!

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oh and some mushrooms. The largest red on is the size of my hand! The single on is slightly larger than my thumb tip.


IF: Journey

Checking the theme for Illustration Friday today, I saw that it was the word “journey”.  Then I turned around and saw that this painting I finished a couple of days ago fits perfectly! Yea! It’s going to be a part of an upcoming show of my illustrative watercolors and some installation pieces.

I am not going to say anything about it because I would like you to tell me the story that you see.

click on the pic to make it a bit bigger.

IF: Toy

This is a cute little bush baby girl playing with her toys. Watercolor and pencil crayon.

I painted this today for a friend who twists balloons.

Glass bead making and other fun stuff

The Glass bead making class was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to make more. This first picture is of the beads that I made the first day.

I made the red beads for January 15.

I have not picked up the day 2 beads, but they are pretty cute. I made a purple octopus for January 16 (my B-day!) unfortunately, I dropped it and he is now a quadrapus. 😦 I’ll post it when I get them back.

January 17:

Watercolor on Yupo paper. I had fun with this!

January 18:

Mustachioed, monocled Mr. Caterpillar

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

(Those ewoks! Such party animals!)

Wow, it’s already halfway through January! I had a great holiday and now it’s just about my birthday.  And I have lots of images to share.

Cookies I made for xmas presents.

So right before New Year’s I was looking through some crafty books and was reading about 365 Day Art Projects, where you make a piece of art every day for a year. I decided I wanted to do it to. People make all sorts of things and have neat themes.  Since I love color, I decided to do a little piece of art or a craft in a different color everyday. So the colors go in a 6 day cycle: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green and then starts over. They can be anything, even a little doodle. Usually I have been leaving it until just before bed and I find that I am to tired to do anything, maybe it will get better? So anyways, here’s what I have done so far:

January 1:

January 2:

January 3:

January 4:

I think I may have to actually finish painting this one soon.

January 5:

January 6:

January 7:

Well actually I was so busy that I forgot January 7, so I watercolor doodled this the next day…oops!

January 8:

January 9:

Watercolor on Yupo with interesting texture, I need to actually finish this.

January 10:

I finally made something with these beads I bought ages ago. Yippi! and tomorrow I am going to learn how to make them myself. (Can’t wait! And I will definitely post pics.)

January 11:

January 12:

January 13:

I have taken to referring to the days by what color I have to use that day, today is an orange day. I better go make something orange!

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