Dragon Baby Shower

Today, the gals from work and I threw a baby shower for our dear friend and co-worker, Katie.

This is me (in red) with the glowing mom to be.



The theme was dragons and the colors were red, white and black to coordinate with the nursery. Everyone brought food to share, and it was all so tasty! Yum!


I made the cake and the sugar cookie dragons. The cake was chocolate with a whip cream and Oreo filling.


The dragons were based on a sketch I made. The legs on the babies were inspired by this post on Haniela’s Cookie Blog.


My friend Val made this awesome dragon bread! We didn’t want to eat it, but when we finally tore in, it was delicious!


Since we all work at an art centre, we had to do something crafty. So we tie dyed baby onesies!

These are some of the ones we made today.


This is Candace with her creation. Beautiful!


For the gift, I wanted to make something special, that would fit with the theme and the nursery. It HAD to have a dragon! I made this little flying dragon mobile. The dragon is made from my own pattern, and has jointed legs. When the baby is old enough, the dragon can be detached and used as a toy. The stars are painted, glittered and glow in the dark.




A few more pictures just for fun.




and the smallest guest stole the show!



I just took these little tea cakes out of the oven.

The recipe was quite intensive, what with grinding and toasting almonds and browning butter and such. So I’m a little disappointed they didn’t turn out right. They’re not bad, just a little chewier than they should be. Probably over mixed.


Now this cake:


This cake was delicious! I whipped it up quick for a friends farewell party. It went over very well.

Why Hello my Dears!!!

Hi, so It’s been a super long time since I last wrote. Lots of stuff happened, crappy stuff and fun stuff. I got a freakin’ cool new camera, a Pentax K200. I love it! And I got my hair cut all pretty.

Some other fun stuff that happened: 1) Art Board Show and Auction (and BBQ). My board is posted below, it sold for $100. 2) Canada Day booth for work 3) Megan’s show at the Centre. I am very proud of her. 4) Street Performers booth for work. Paper bag puppets below 5) Super cool encaustic class I attended. I will definitelypost my sample soon. 6) I made some super cool moving mouth puppets, I will post them as soon as I get some pics. 7) Candace’s B-day surprise. We had a little party for my boss. Ice cream cake and balloon animal twisting! Too much fun!

As for the crappy stuff, no one wants to know. 🙂 Now on to the pictures!

This is a bug that was on my deck. It’s coloring is just amazing!

Here’s a close up of the same picture.

Here’s a little sparrow in my backyard. His mouth is full of tasty bugs for his babies.

 Looking down over the railing of the dock, we found this American Coot sitting on her nest. I kept calling her Harriet, but My brother said her name was Veil (from some game he plays) so we named her Harriet Veil.

These are her 7 eggs. When we went back a few days later, they had already hatched and the family had moved on.

Bird on a cattail.

The skateboard I made for the Art Board Show and Auction. It is collaged with magazine paper and then painted. I also cut the sides off and attached them to the back. They are the black parts.

This is what I do at work! We don’t have time much fun all the time, but we do pretty often. Mine is the middle one and my boss and co-worker made the other two. They were samples for our booth at the Street Performers Festival. I drew 2 sheets of features and accessories to choose from. The kids had a blast making them, but not as much as the volunteers!

This is the birthday cake I made for my Dad in June. I used the cake pans I got from that garage sale. It was my first tiered cake, it was a bit lopsided, but I think it turned out pretty good. It sure tasted yummy!

A seagull at the lake. It has some sort of fish or leech in it’s beak.

A pic of me!

Another picture of me showing off my new hair and new camera!

Well, that’s enough for now. I promise to update more frequently. See you soon!

Crafty Goodness


Well last Friday I went garage saleing again. Man, it’s addicting. We found the best garage sale ever! I was full of crafty goodness.

 I got this 26 craft book set from the 70’s and a couple others.

 We found this set of craft cards at the same sale, there’s some really strange stuff in it.

 I also found this cake pan set for mini tiered cakes. I have been wanting to make a tiered cake for a while, and now I can make a super cute tiny one! I found a small cabinet at another garage sale. It’s really old and simple, but it’s solid and I am going to paint it and maybe? glass mosaic the top. I got it for a doller. I can’t go wrong with that price!

I have been embroidering like crazy lately. I get into crafty moods where I have to do one thing. Now it is embrodery, then I will get bored with it and do something else. It’s weird, but I always come back sooner or later. Here’s a pillow cover I made.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my tendency to arrange thing in order of color. The rainbow of colors really appeals to me for some reason.  Here are my seed beads that I put up on the wall recently and some buttons from my collections. Just coz they look nice.


Have lovely day! (I better go to bed, it’s 1:30am and I have to go to work in the morning…)