Bird of Paradise

I just finished this painting! Yay!


I painted it for a local charity auction. It’s pretty big, I had to dig out the easel for it, which was not easy in my jam packed studio. It’s done with acrylic, which is not my favourite medium, but I’m pretty happy with it. Now it’s time to focus on my halloween costume!! Woot! Woot!


Orange Flowers

Playing on Illustrator and Photoshop.


I took this pic at the Calgary Zoo. So Pretty!

Cactus Bloom and Catfish


Here’s a pencil drawing of a cactus bloom, color added in photoshop.


And this is a portrait of Ralph, my Oto Catfish… and a sideways mouse. Ralph’s the one that is really sideways in my sketchbook. Anyways… that’s it. Ralph rocks!

Still freezing

Well, I spent the day cleaning and am now feeling crafty, but I have not got around to cleaning my art room yet. And I don’t wanna because that will take FOREVER, it’s that bad. So craftiness will have to wait. Today’s drawing is a lily from a bunch I bought over a week ago. They are an amazing pink and magenta. Beautiful.