Deep Sea Mermaid Colour Study

Yesterday I dug up an older drawing that I had been wanting to expand on. It’s a study of several deep-sea merpeople. I knew they would have glowing bioluminescent spots, but I couldn’t decide if they should be pale or dark, so here is a colour test of the pale version. I’m going to do a dark version as well, then perhaps a larger picture.



I also did this sketch of Tia last night while in bed. It’s from a picture I took of her as Mz. Honey.



Cactus Bloom and Catfish


Here’s a pencil drawing of a cactus bloom, color added in photoshop.


And this is a portrait of Ralph, my Oto Catfish… and a sideways mouse. Ralph’s the one that is really sideways in my sketchbook. Anyways… that’s it. Ralph rocks!