Cutie Patooties

Here are some cute little creatures I have been drawing and painting lately. At first I thought they had deer like antlers, but now I think that they are soft and that they move. These little creatures remind me of axolotls, all soft, squishy and cute.  


Hanphibian Shot First!

I painted Hanphibian!

It’s Han Solo from Star Wars as an amphibian! He’s slimy, he’s green and he shot first!!!

Oh and here is some Slug Love just for you:

Unfortunately the green one looks more queasy then anything else…


Hee hee

Just a little drawing I made at 2am…


Below  is a watercolor I did a few months ago.While I was painting it, I thought it would be interesting to take in-progress shots for fun. So I will put the photos from start to finish (without the first pencil sketch.)

Inked drawing on watercolor paper

First couple of washes. Light background, darker tones, green on seaweed.

More color. Seaweed.

I added details on the figure and darkened areas.

I felt that the extra seaweed was too much so I added more ultramarine to cover them and add more depth to the water.

For this finished piece, I added details like the fish shadows in the distance and used white gouche to pick out details on her scales and fins.


Hi!!  Wow it’s been forever since I posted last. I sure have been busy. Here is the poster and some pics from my first solo show:




birdsong1      anemones2









Other pieces included in the show are pictured elsewhere in this blog , so  I am not posting them here. These include two encaustic pieces, some acrylic fruit painting and some other watercolors.


And here are some monsters I made before christmas. The first one is Cecilia, I made her as a sample for a class I am teaching. The bride and groom were for friends who got married, and the red one was a gift for a different friend.  Super cute and fun to make!




IF: Strings

Illustration Friday entry for Strings.

This one is called Apron Strings and is colored with pencil crayons, a bit of pen and a scanned doily.

Eyes Very Far Apart

So I didn’t go to figure drawing. Hopefully we’ll go next week. Here’s a page of Creatures With Eyes That Are Very Far Apart: